Painting the Exterior of Your Home

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Aug 25

Exterior painting doesn’t have to involve hiring costly professionals. Follow these simple steps to painting it yourself and ensure your home’s beauty for years to come.

Before you begin painting the exterior of your home, keep these steps in mind:

Starting to Paint:

  • Remove as many items from around the exterior of your home as possible, including planters, mailboxes, house numbers, hoses and etc.
  • Ensure that items that can’t be removed, such as bushes, are covered with drop cloths.
  • Clean, repair and prime all surfaces.
  • Mix your paint thoroughly and make sure to continue to mix periodically
  • Begin painting with the “body” (fascia) of the house
  • Painting with a roller can save time, but a brush is needed for corners, trim, and doors.

Painting with a Brush

Immerse the first third of the bristles into the paint and tap it lightly against the inside of the can.

  • When you apply paint, use long, smooth strokes with your brush.
  • On clapboard surfaces, if paint gathers along the horizontal edge, it has been applied too heavily or not brushed out enough.
  • Brush back and forth several times when using an oil-based paint to ensure a well-spread and even coat, as they tend to dry out quickly.
  • When using latex paints, apply the paint generously with one or two back strokes and then leave it to dry.

Painting with a Roller

  • Painting with a roller works well with porous surfaces like masonry and stucco.
  • Dip your roller in the paint tray, rolling it back and forth to remove any excess paint. If it drips when you pick it up, it is overloaded.
  • Use long, even strokes, and roll in different directions to coat the entire surface.
  • Finish painting with strokes in one direction.

Painting Trim

  • The trim should be the last area you paint.
  • Begin by coating your window sash and door paneling first, and then paint the window frames, sills, and door trim.
  • If paint gets on the window’s putty line, it will serve to protect the puttied surface from water.
  • To create a clean edge, scrape off any excess paint with a razor blade.
  • If shutters can be removed, paint them separately and replace them when the rest of the job is finished.

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