Choosing The Perfect Primer

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Aug 14

Primers serve many purposes:

  • They seal substrates, allowing for more uniform finish
  • They can ensure bonding between the substrate and topcoat
  • Aid in hiding and blocking stains


When to Use a Primer

  • On porous surfaces. Sealing  the surface for better gloss uniformity Gloss Surfaces- Adhesion to difficult shiny surfaces
  • For dramatic colour changes
  • On water stains, fire, smoke damage, nicotine, crayon, marker and all tough stains
  • Changing from alkyd paint to latex paint


When is Primer Not Required?

  • On cabinets when using Cabinet & Furniture paint
  • Pre-mixed Rust Coat (2 coats are a must on rusted metal)
  • On vinyl siding
  • When repainting walls without a dramatic colour change
  • Under a solid stain


Still have questions about primers? Call us at (204) 691-6264 or email us for advice on when, and when not, to use them.

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