5 Tips on How To Get the Best Quote from Your Painter

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Jun 29

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Ever wonder if you could’ve gotten that extra $500 off of a contracting job? How about $1000? Or more?

Seems strange that we’d be offering this information. We know. But we want to help you bring your masterpiece to life, and make it a hassle-free process for you.

After doing as much work as we have, we’re comfortable sharing a few tips on how to get the best possible quote when looking to get a painting estimate so you can get over the hump of the decision and spend more time enjoying your new space.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Flexibility

If you can, don’t set a hard deadline. Often times, deadlines mean pulling painters off of some jobs to accommodate hours or paying overtime, which can increase the rates to cover costs. If you work flexibly with your painter, they will book themselves when they are free because it is easier for them (and subsequently, cheaper for you!) You can also get a lower rate by booking in the winter (the slow season).

2. Make Room to Paint

The most time consuming part of any paint job, funny enough, isn’t actually painting. It’s the prep time. Taping, cleaning, laying drop sheets and other necessary tasks need to happen so the painter can begin work. Moving or covering furniture or articles in a room only adds to the time, which increases billing hours (not to mention involves some risk to your belongings!) If you can, clear the space before the painter begins, or cover any furniture or articles that can’t be moved to save time. You can also go so far as to take off closet doors, electrical covers, shelving, etc. Mention this up front at the time of the quote, and ask if this will get you a discount!

3. Up the Volume

If you’re just doing a feature wall, or one room, consider adding additional walls or additional rooms. The booking process is already done, so they’ve already invested in the office end. When the painter gets on site and gets set up, that process also wouldn’t have to happen again since his materials are on site. Since this is already done, you only have to cover the prep and paint in a new area – half of the issue is already out of the way, so the cost would be considerably reduced by doing it all at once as opposed to separate bookings.

4.  Have Them Choose the Brand

Many times, a painting contractor will have arrangements for wholesale or discounted purchases from particular suppliers. When this is the case, they can probably get a much cheaper price by using the supplier they have an agreement with – as long as it meets your quality standard, work with them to get a proper colour match and you’ll have an opportunity for a lower rate. If you are concerned about the quality of that brand, ask about the different levels of paint quality offered by their supplier’s brand. If you aren’t satisfied, it’s okay to choose your own brand, but you may incur a higher rate because they aren’t getting it at a discounted rate.

5. Have Options for Payment

Consider this – the contractor’s biggest fear is completing a job and not being able to pay their painters because they didn’t get payment for the job. You can find a discount here by easing this fear for them by offering a deposit to show commitment, and a post dated cheque for the balance due. Ask if this will impact the price at the time of the quote. They’ll feel more comfortable, the painters will be at ease and enjoy their work (probably getting you a more professional look!) and you’ll save on the end cost, as well.


In the end, it’s about finding ways to make their job easier – if you can find ways to deliver them service to smooth out the process, you’ll reduce their costs and effort, and that’s worth a couple extra bucks in your pocket!

Give us a call today at 204-691-6264 or send us an e-mail at to find out what we can do for you.

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